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Tap into our vast knowledge and huge database of automotive data and electronic faults!

Subscribe online to the AECS Ltd technical support service.

Subscribing to our support service entitles you to receive assistance from us with up to 5 automotive diagnostic trouble cases in a 12 month period (multiple phone calls per case is okay). The assistance is limited to a total engagement time of 2 hours.

This service is offered to you for the low 12 monthly cost of +gst, and can be extended any number of times.

The assistance is in the form of:
  • Discussing measurements for your knowledge gain (see this as an extension of our training directly applicable to the problem at hand).
  • Assistance in finding data and wiring diagrams for the vehicle at hand, where available.
  • Advising where to measure and check next with your tools.
  • Help with analysing your measurement (and life data) results.
  • Guiding you towards the solution.

Fill out the form below and click on the 'subscribe' button to let us know that you are keen to subscribe to this AECS Ltd service as an extension of the training you have done with us. We will advice you in return when your subscription will commence (2 x per year). Your invoice will reflect the start date of the subscription.

We are gauging if there is interest to be able to send those 'impossible to fix' vehicles to us for evaluation (and or repair) by us. Pls indicate if you are interested in this extra service on the subscription form.

Subscription request form for AECS technical support

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Comments / Questions / Type of diagnostic tools:

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‘impossible to repair cars’ to AECS:
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The 'subscribe' button brings you back to the "technical help page" page.

Fine print:

Below are some of the conditions that apply to the technical support subscription:
  • AECS Ltd reseves the right to refuse any person to subscribe to this service without disclosing the reason to anyone.
  • AECS Ltd reseves the right cancel the subscription (upon which a prorata rate refund will be issued) to this service without disclosing the reason to anyone.
  • The technical advice is based upon data presented to AECS. AECS strives to put as much effort as possible into piecing this data together and come to a diagnostic conclusion for your assistance. AECS can not be held liable for any incorrect advice in any way shape or form, or resulting damages that might evolve as a result of our advice.
  • No refund (or part refund) of the subscription fee will be given when the advice provided by us proved incorrect.
  • The support service should be seen as an extension of our seminars. It is only possible to subscribe to this service if you have completed one or more training seminars with AECS. We can not support individuals who have not completed any of our seminars.
  • Opting out of the service before the term is due does not result in a refund, except on compassionate grounds.
  • It should be noted that to subscribe to this service 'just when you need it' creates for us a lot of extra database and paper work, for this reason we charge for 'adhoc' subcriptions an increased fee of +gst
  • Any (automotive diagnostics trained) help desk support staff member of AECS can be assigned to your case, at the discretion of AECS.
  • When the support time or number of support cases have been exceeded, you will be offered to resubscribe for a further 12 months or an other 5 cases, at the discretion of the help desk staff.
  • The terms and conditions of this service can change at any time. Indivduals who have subscribed will be informed in writing of the change of conditions.

If for any reason your subsciption form did not get answered or refused to be sent by your computer, contact AECS by E Mail. Pls click on the email link below and simply write your request.
You should receive an answer from us within a week.

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