Automotive Training


Aprl. 2018


AECS has developed as set of very practical training courses. The content is adjusted to the actual needs of modern garages and specialists. The training system is tiered and caters for all levels form the experienced mechanic upwards.

In this world of ever changing technologies, the need to keep up is particularly important.
AECS as an institute is therefore an important business partner.
AECS is using its own developed teaching methods in a way that makes, for you locating and repairing faults in electronic systems efficient and effective.

Target Group

The intended target group for the AECS seminars is the (highly) experienced Automotive repairer and auto electrician. The people that have been in the industry for years and know from experience and feeling when something is not 100% right : The main stays of the industry of whom most feel uncomfortable with computer controlled electronics.

After Clive William from Ireland Motors attended the SCAN1 training seminar in Palmerston North (1 07 2010).   Clive William wrote as comment in the evaluation form that as most value to him was: " Learn how read the fuel and trim and Qty readings"

Please click in the flow diagram below to read more about the individual course content.

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