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Fastrack assists you as a technician to go from good to great and come back to your own workshop brimming with appliable knowledge, it’s a great way to receive accelerated learning in diagnostics.

Over 2019 we will have 5 Fastrack block courses (see below). Each block course runs over 5 days and will cover two AECS training seminars (days 1-4) both theory and practical and day 5 will be a full day of practical in our workshop, at no cost to you.

Fastrack is held at AECS HQ in Hastings. Because you’ll be at our home, we will be offering aspects of our training that we can’t normally do, compared to training elsewhere. Also, you’ll get to see our latest projects and get an inside look.

Fastrack is an opportune time to advance your skill set and progress quickly through the AECS training pathway. If you'd like to talk to someone about Fastrack or require further information, please call 06 874 9077.

You can enrol now for Fastrack. Please send through your details with the Fastrack training you'd like to attend. Email to or phone 06 874 9077.

Hawkesbay MTA members receive a subsidy on our Fastrack training. Make sure you include your MTA number within your details when emailing us.

> Download the Fastrack details here (digital/print friendly).


Fastrack - Diagnostics: 10-14 June 2019
Day 1-2: AED
Day 3-4: Comprehensive Scope Training - Level 1 (ATS1-1)
Day 5: Fastrack Practical

Fastrack - Hybrid/EV Part1: 22-26 July 2019
Day 1-2: Hybrid/EV Diagnostics (EMS1-4)
Day 3-4: EV Diagnostics & Maintenance: Part 1 (EV2-1)
Day 5: Fastrack Practical

Fastrack - Petrol: 5-9 August 2019
Day 1-2: First Line Diagnostics (EMS1-1)
Day 3-4: Modern Petrol Engine Control (EMS1-3)
Day 5: Fastrack Practical

Fastrack - Hybrid/EV Part2: 23-27 September 2019
Day 1-2: EV Diagnostics & Maintenance: Part 2 (EV2-2)
Day 3-4: EV Battery Diagnostics & Repair (EV3-1)
Day 5: Fastrack Practical

Fastrack - Scan Tool: 18-22 November 2019
Day 1-2: Scan Tool - Level 1 (SCAN1-1)
Day 3-4: Scan Tool - Level 2(SCAN1-2)
Day 5: Fastrack Practical

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What is the cost?
Cost over each Fastrack week is $1336.30 incl.gst, this includes discount for training for the free practical day (day 5), with a saving of $372.60.

Do I need to bring food?
AECS will make sure you’re fuelled while you’re here for training, with morning, afternoon tea and lunch provided. Breakfast and dinner will be provided by you.

Where do I Stay?
AECS can assist with accommodation. We have an assortment of locations that you can choose from. Let us know your budget and we’ll work towards getting it sorted for you. Transport to AECS for the training, if possible must be provided by you, unless your flying in or have extenuating circumstances.

How do I get there?
Transport to AECS for Fastrack, where possible must be provided by you, unless you have extenuating circumstances. If you are flying in for training please let us know.

Where is the training venue?
Fastrack training is at AECS HQ. You can find us on maps:
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